tibia x fibula
works across disciplines
to design and create
live experiences.

tibia x fibula
çeşitli disiplinler arasında
canlı deneyimler
tasarlar ve yaratır.



UPCOMING performance on May 28th 18.00 CET:
Walkthrough: Intersections at Citerne.live
Beirut International Platform of Dance - Architecture of a Ruined Body

Conceived and Performed by Cansu Pelin İşbilen and Fatih Gençkal
Graphic Design by Emre Yıldız
Technical Design by Ceren Kayalar
Camera crew: Serenay Oğuz and Mehmet Aydınol

with the participation of Taldans

Walkthrough is a shared walk through the city, a flaneur experience across cities through a digital connection that makes a physical change somewhere else in the world. It explores the body as space, as part of the cityscape, through a real body that becomes an avatar for those who aren’t there. It reflects on the various shapes, faces, relations that make up the cityscape, embracing miracles of chance encounters.

︎︎︎ Onur Karaoğlu, Walkthrough: Darağaç deneyimini Unlimitedrag için yazdı:
Onur Karaoğlu’s article on Walthrough: Darağaç is on Unlimitedrag magazine: 
Arayüz: Seyirci

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We decided to share our home library with our friends. In order to see the catalog:
Online Panel: New Expriences in Digital Dramaturgy
May 11th 17.00 GMT+3 (16.00 CET)
Free registration email: nowrouzehonar.pub@gmail.com