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tibia x fibula
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Walkthrough: Intersections

May 28th 18.00 CET
28 Mayıs 19.00 GMT+3
Beirut International Platform of Dance - Architecture of a Ruined Body

Walkthrough is a shared walk through the city, a flaneur experience across cities through a digital connection that makes a physical change somewhere else in the world. It explores the body as space, as part of the cityscape, through a real body that becomes an avatar for those who aren’t there. It reflects on the various shapes, faces, relations that make up the cityscape, embracing miracles of chance encounters.

Conceived and Performed by Cansu Pelin İşbilen and Fatih Gençkal
Graphic Design by Emre Yıldız
Technical Design by Ceren Kayalar
Following Performers: Serenay Oğuz and Mehmet Aydınol

with the participation of Taldans