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tibia x fibula
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The Smuggled Tea Performance

Concept and Choreography: Fatih Gençkal
Devised and Performed by: Mustafa Zeren, Fatih Gençkal
Dramaturgy: Eylül Fidan Akıncı
Space Design: Cansu Pelin İşbilen
Poster Design: Emre Yıldız

With the support of Daire Resident Artist Program, Loading Diyarbakır, Darağaç, PAL İzmir, Pure Space and K2 UNA

Mustafa and Fatih are two artists.
One from Diyarbakır, one from İstanbul. One living in Diyarbakır, one living in İzmir.
They set out to make a performance together. That’s it.
Smuggled Tea Performance follows the two year journey of two artists from different corners of Turkey.
It is a story of being (an artist) or not being.
A story that wants to dance. A dance piece that refuses to tell a story.
Which takes place within the time it takes to brew and enjoy a cup of good old smuggled tea from Diyarbakır.

watch teaser here


Walkthrough: Last Day of Quarantine

May 30th, 2020  LiveatHomeİzmir

It’s the last day of quarantine. A man walks the empty streets at night. 

Conceived and Performed by Cansu Pelin İşbilen and Fatih Gençkal


Walkthrough: Darağaç

November 21st, 2020   Darağaç.icra

Select player. Select mission. Explore the streets of Darağaç. From the comfort of your home. Or whereever you are.

Conceived and Performed by Cansu Pelin İşbilen and Fatih Gençkal
Graphic Design: Emre Yıldız

Karakterini seç. Görevini seç. Darağaç sokaklarını keşfet. Hem de evinin konforunda. Ya da neredeysen oranın.

Konsept, tasarım ve performans: Cansu Pelin İşbilen, Fatih Gençkal
Grafik tasarım: Emre Yıldız


Walkthrough: Intersections

May 28th, 2021 
Beirut International Platform of Dance - Architecture of a Ruined Body

Walkthrough is a shared walk through the city, a flaneur experience across cities through a digital connection that makes a physical change somewhere else in the world. It explores the body as space, as part of the cityscape, through a real body that becomes an avatar for those who aren’t there. It reflects on the various shapes, faces, relations that make up the cityscape, embracing miracles of chance encounters.

Conceived and Performed by Cansu Pelin İşbilen and Fatih Gençkal
Graphic Design by Emre Yıldız
Technical Design by Ceren Kayalar
Following Performers: Serenay Oğuz and Mehmet Aydınol

with the participation of Taldans

watch it here.